In “The Real Has Arrived,” Jung Eui Jae discusses playing Baek Jin Hee’s affection-starved ex.

In “The Real Has Arrived,” Jung Eui Jae discusses playing Baek Jin Hee’s affection-starved ex.

Jung Eui Jae has revealed why he was so eager to play his role in the upcoming KBS drama “The Real Has Come!

“The Real Has Come!” will tell the chaotic story of a single mom who gets into a contractual fake relationship with a man fervently opposed to marriage. Baek Jin Hee will star as Oh Yeon Doo, a language instructor who is a rising star in the internet lecture industry, while Ahn Jae Hyun will play Gong Tae Kyung, a talented obstetrician, and gynecologist who is determined not to get married.

Jung Eui Jae will play the role of Baek Jin Hee’s ex-boyfriend Kim Joon Ha, an investment analyst who is a consummate professional at work. However, when it comes to love, he believes strongly in the importance of passion.

Explaining why he had been so drawn to the role of Kim Joon Ha, Jung Eui Jae recalled, “I found the character and the script of the drama itself extremely interesting… When I first met the director, I got to hear a more detailed explanation of Joon Ha and various points about which I’d been curious, and that made [the character and drama] even more appealing. I developed a strong urge [to play the part].”

In terms of how he resembles his character in the drama, Jung Eui Jae remarked, “I think we’re similar in the way he holds his work very dear and does his utmost. I, too, really work hard to fiercely ponder [my own acting] because I want to be professional about my work.”

The actor also offered his own interpretation of why love is so important to his character. “Kim Joon Ha shows his innate character most in the face of love, and I think the reason for that is because he is starved for affection,” he said.

Jung Eui Jae went on to reference BIGBANG’s Taeyang‘s hit song “Only Look at Me” and its controversial lyrics by commenting, “I think the very meaning of the phrase ‘Only Look at Me,’ as well as the lyrics to the famous song of the same name, capture Joon Ha well.”

Finally, Jung Eui Jae concluded by telling viewers, “We’re working hard on filming so that ‘The Real Has Come!’ can be a drama worthy of viewers’ precious time, so please show lots of interest and anticipation.”

“The Real Has Come!” premieres on March 25 at 8:05 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.


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