In “Taxi Driver 2,” Shin Jae Ha eagerly tries to win over his new boss Lee Je Hoon.

In “Taxi Driver 2,” Shin Jae Ha eagerly tries to win over his new boss Lee Je Hoon.

“Taxi Driver 2” has previewed the intriguing chemistry between boss Lee Je Hoon and newcomer Shin Jae Ha!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, SBS’s “Taxi Driver” tells the story of a mysterious taxi service that delivers justice and revenge on behalf of victims who cannot get help from the law. Following the first season’s successful run in 2021, “Taxi Driver” is returning for a second season later this month.

In Season 2, Lee Je Hoon will return to his lead role as Kim Do Gi, the boss and main driver of Rainbow Taxi. Shin Jae Ha newly joins the cast as On Ha Joon, the newest driver on the Rainbow Taxi team. The puppy-like On Ha Joon is kind with a bright personality but is also prone to making clumsy mistakes. As On Ha Joon does his best to become like the exemplary Kim Do Gi, their chemistry will serve as an exciting key point of “Taxi Driver 2.”

The newly released stills of this pair capture Kim Do Gi’s warm charms as a mentor and On Ha Joon’s eagerness to impress. Given their contrasting positions, seeing Kim Do Gi shoot a soft smile at On Ha Joon touches even the hearts of viewers.

However, Kim Do Gi is suddenly taken aback by On Ha Joon’s assertiveness when the newcomer grabs his hand. While Kim Do Gi is frozen in place and unsure how to respond, On Ha Joon stands firm with a gaze full of envy.

Despite both being taxi drivers, Kim Do Gi and On Ha Joon have completely opposite personalities, raising questions about how they’ll get along and work together down the line!

“Taxi Driver 2” premieres on February 17 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!


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