The new rookie boy group &TEAM member Harua debuts with a group of fans

The new rookie boy group &TEAM member Harua debuts with a group of fans

Just a day ago, HYBE Label Japan‘s new boy group &TEAM released the cinematic music video for “Under The Skin,” which was pre-released ahead of the boy group’s official debut.

The boy group has been garnering attention even before their debut as they were the members chosen through the audition program ‘&Audition -The Howling.’ Therefore, many fans were already familiar with the members, and the group already had a solid fandom.

In particular, one of the members that is garnering much attention in Korea is member Harua. Harua is Japanese and was born on May 1, 2005.

There have been various online community posts in South Korea gathering attention on the new boy group member as Korean online users are swooning over the new idol.


K-netizens commented, “He’s more pretty than handsome,” “He’s so cute,” “Where did HYBE find him??” “He really has that look that HYBE likes,” “He really looks pretty,” “Even his name is pretty,” “I wish he debuted in Korea,” “He looks so Korean,” “He’s really good looking,” “His face is like the combination of all the HYBE boy group members, lol. He also has the faces of ENHYPEN’s Sunwoo and TXT’s Soobin,” “HYBE is amazing…Where in the world did they find this kid?” and “Oh wow.”


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