Eren Yeager: The best 5 things about him

Eren Yeager: The best 5 things about him

Eren, the main of Attack on Titan, clearly changes from being a hero at the start of the tale to a villain at the conclusion, unlike most main protagonists in anime/manga. The plot may have taken a different turn if Eren hadn’t carried out these things. And nobody else can perform these things; only Eren can. Eren left a very bold and significant impact on the world of Attack on Titan.

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Thanks to the key given to him by his father, Eren unlocked his father’s memories and learned the truth about the Titans, as well as the history of Eldia and Marley. He vowed to free his homeland from his true enemy: the rest of humanity living across the ocean. So what is Eren’s personality like? Let’s find out about the best of Eren Yeager!

1. Stop Titan’s attack on the Trost District

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After Eren graduated from the 104th Legion’s training, he and his comrades were stationed in the Trost district. Here, the Great Titan broke through the gates and brought the other Titans inside. Eren participated in the first battle against them.

During the battle, Eren discovered his Titan’s power and used it to lift the stone to block the hole created by the Great Titan in the city gate. That helped prevent the Titans from continuing to get inside. Without Eren, the Eldians would have lost more land to these cannibals.

2. Cooperate with captains during interrogation

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After the battle in Trost District, Eren awakens while being held by the Scouts in a strange and dark cell. His teammates took turns watching him. Judging by what Eren did to save Trost County and countless lives from the attack of the Great Titan, this treatment was cruel and unnecessary.

Even so, Eren did not hesitate to cooperate with the interrogators, trying to give them as much information as possible, no matter how they treated him.

3. Defeat Female Titan Annie

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The first Titan Shifter that the Reconnaissance corps fought against was the Feminine Titan, Annie. This is also a close friend of Eren as they have trained together for many years. Before learning the truth about Annie, Eren, Mikasa, and Annie were comrades who fought side by side.

Before the Scouts could kill, imprison or torture her, Annie had formed a layer of crystal around her body that could not be broken. Thanks to that, the Reconnaissance Corps could not do anything to Annie, and she fell into a coma and was not harmful to anyone.

4. Responsible for the deaths of many teammates

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Eren accomplished a lot for the legion in the first episode of Attack on Titan, but he also caused the deaths of a lot of warriors. He chose to trust his teammates to combat the Feminine Titan, for instance, rather than assisting them. These troops’ fatalities were the result of this choice. It is a sad reality that those Reconnaissance Corps personnel who believed in Eren died.

5. Help the Eldians know the truth of the world

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Before coming to Paradis, Eren’s father Grisha used to live in Marley. Thanks to that, he understood the world more than any Eldian in Paradis. After starting a new life, he wrote down the truth of the world and hid it in his basement.

In the final episodes of Attack On Titan season 3, Eren learns about his father’s past, and their real enemies around the world, especially the Marleys. The people of Paradis were shocked to learn about this fact, but it explained to them many questions about the cause of Titan’s appearance.

Final Thoughts

Eren Attack On Titan is the main character portrayed extremely nicely, making fans not know whether to love or hate. Despite becoming a villain in the final episodes, it cannot be denied that there are many noble qualities in Eren. And he is one of the reasons why Attack On Titan attracts the love of many viewers. Don’t miss the journey of Attack On Titan Eren.


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