The Best Information about Sukuna That You Need to Know

The Best Information about Sukuna That You Need to Know

In the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Sukuna sometimes referred to as the King of Kings, is a strong spirit. Sukuna is an odd, egotistical, and incredibly vicious individual. He wants to murder them because he despises women and children. Because he has a great deal of faith in the source of his strength, he frequently doesn’t give a damn about the potential repercussions. Despite Yuji being his host, Sukuna frequently bothered him. Sukuna views him as a youngster who constantly makes fun of Yuji in all of his actions. Sukuna is extremely proud of his strength because it is so strong. As a result, Sukuna developed a strong dislike for his adversary and even threatened to murder Gojo, the most formidable fighter in history.

Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen : Everything You Need To Know

Sukuna is the most powerful spirit in the manga. His strength is comparable to that of Gojo and Yuta, who are exceptionally talented spirits. So let’s find out the biggest mysteries about Sukuna that not everyone knows.

1. Sukuna can save the vessel’s life

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In essence, Yuji Itadori was hated by Sukuna, yet she did not want him to be destroyed. He would be severely compromised if that happened. That is why, after removing his heart, he chose to compel him to sign a contract rather than abandon him. After all, he committed the crime to take possession of your body. Any conspiracy must be postponed. Because early adopters frequently suffer a negative outcome, whether in the domain of Jujutsu Kaisen or real life.

Also, Sukuna’s healing ability is natural rather than voluntary. That is, he can inadvertently restore damage to the vessel. Thanks to that, Itadori is fully capable of escaping death in “death and death” situations.

2. When he pulls Sukuna out, his vessel won’t have to fear any enemies

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He wasn’t dubbed the King of Curses by Jujutsu Kaisen wizards without justification. History texts rank him as the most dangerous curse ever. Numerous magicians had to work extremely hard to assassinate him during the Golden Age. However, there have also been several fatalities.

With around 15% of his strength, Sukuna could still “out” Mahito and his team up to this point. This was well demonstrated when Mahito persuaded Junpei to destroy his school. Things became worse when he moved into Sukuna’s territory. There, he was almost completely unprotected.

3. The King of Curses possesses a huge source of magic power

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The King of Curses has unfathomable power. He can defeat practically any foe. To put it clearly, the Special Grade Spell may be matched by merely 1 finger (1/20 of his strength). Besides, continuing the argument with him for a long period would be a dumb decision. The Cursed King was able to fight nonstop for days on end when he coupled his nearly infinite magic might with his healing abilities. All of Sukuna’s boats were, of course, somewhat functional. 

4. Sukuna’s Vessel can make a contract with him

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The vessel can create an Oath that ties Sukuna in addition to receiving a portion of his power. The Binding Oath is a highly potent tool in the realm of Jujutsu Kaisen, to be quite honest. This almost always results in a forced agreement between the parties. Thankfully, the Cursed King was quite clear about binding the Oath. However, the container must exercise extreme caution if it desires to do its excellent cunning.

Final Thoughts

Sukuna possesses a powerful source of spells due to her innate strength. Because of that, he could use spells consecutively in the same battle without feeling weak and tired. That was all the basic information about the power and skills that Sukuna possessed. Sukuna is a spirit of talent and superintelligence. Give him many advantages in battles with enemies. Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand Sukuna, a prominent villain.


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