Honey J has a Boyfriend who is 10 years younger

Honey J has a Boyfriend who is 10 years younger

Honey J‘s boyfriend, and now prospective husband, has been revealed to be a model who is 10 years younger!

Following the news of dancer Honey J’s pregnancy and upcoming marriage, a lot of attention has been placed on who the husband-to-be of Honey J is. According to one exclusive media outlet, Honey J’s boyfriend and prospective husband is currently working as a model, and is getting ready to begin his activities as an actor. In addition, it has been reported that he is born in 1997, making him ten years younger than Honey J. Despite his young age and little work experience compared to Honey J, who has been active as a dancer for a long time, he is said to have a thoughtful mind that adds positivity Honey J’s life.

Honey J makes a surprise announcement that she's pregnant and getting  married | allkpop

Upon hearing this, many netizens expressed their shock.

Netizens commented:

“Omg, he was born in 1997…”

“He’s the same age as me, omg.”

“Wow, he’s even younger than me.”

“He’s the same age as my bias. Wow.”

“Omg please be happy unnie.”

“Omg, a 97-liner??? He’s so young.”

“No wonder, his silhouette [in Honey J’s photo] was definitely not one of an average person’s.”

“Please have a beautiful relationship.”

“He’s 25? Omg.”

“Wow, he’s ten years younger…”


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