The best 5 Yandere Girls Anime that you should know

The best 5 Yandere Girls Anime that you should know

Yandere is a play on Japanese words when combining the words Yanderu (crazy) and Deredere (love) is a way to talk about people when in love, they will become crazy and can do actions causing harm to those around them, even causing fear to the people they love.

The appearance of the characters in this yandere story is often pretty, have a unique personality, and even have a charm that attracts other people’s attention. They often love one-sidedly, but once they know that person’s feelings for them, they will start to control and want to be the only one.

Here are the top famous anime with yandere girlfriend – manga world, and through these characters, you will better understand what a crazy yandere is in love.

1. Kotonoha Katsura

Crunchyroll - Kotonoha Katsura From School Days to Debut as a VTuber on Christmas Eve

School Days So far, it’s still the anime with the most unexpected ending, to the point that if you watch it to the end without previewing the spoiler, you’ll be “disappointed” for a few days.

The main content of this anime revolves around a male student Makoto in a love triangle with two girls Saionji Sekai and Katsura Kotonoha. Originally, Sekai was a collaborator for Kotonoha and Makoto, but when he saw the two getting happier, he disagreed and also began to love him. Until the last episode, viewers are shocked and may have to haunt it for a while.

2. Misa Amane

Misa Amane | Death Note Wiki | Fandom

Misa is a famous model. She is small and beautiful. Although she is one of the owners of the Book of Death, she assists Light in his quest to escape the demonic world. She cuts her lifespan in half twice to gain the Shinigami Rem ability – knowing someone’s name by just looking at their face. By having their names, she could end their lives by writing them in the Death Book. Her relationship with Light is for nothing, even though he is simply using her to accomplish his own goals. 

3. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya by TrippyHippyJinx on DeviantArt

In one accident, Tanukichi accidentally “robbed” Anna’s first kiss, thereby making her love him unconditionally. However, Anna’s love is typical of a yandere. She passionately pursued Tanukichi until she was “out of words” when constantly making Tanukichi’s heart flutter and confused with Anna’s unbelievable gifts.

Anna’s parents are revered and respected people. They enforce strict public law and have incredible influence. Therefore, Anna assumes a similar obligation and responsibility. She is the President of the Student Council but is soft-spoken and innocent. Yet she is also courageous and strong, resilient and determined. She used whatever means of transport she could afford to disable whatever she deemed essential out of school. Her gentle way of talking was incompatible with her sense of courage and strength in getting the job done.

4. Megumi Shimizu

Eric The Red — In Defense of Shiki's Megumi Shimizu

Kotonoha is a first-year student in the 4th grade, and a member of the Student Council has a courteous, polite, and elegant personality and loves to read. According to Makoto’s description, Kotonoha is very beautiful and has cute and lovely fingers and huge breasts, which makes her have few friends of the same sex. She is also shy and cautious in front of her son. She became interested in Makoto at the beginning of their second semester, and with Sekai’s help, Kotonoha became Makoto’s girlfriend after confessing her feelings to him. Although most of Kotonoha’s personality is gentle and gentle, deep down she is very agitated, which, when pressed, leads to absurd, delusional, and even malevolent wrongdoings due to her actions suffering from taunts from other girls. Her excitability and loss of repression make men worry.

5. Lucy

Elfen Lied Is the Most Toxic Popular Anime

Many yandere characters are built unique and new, Elfen Lied’s Lucy is one of them. Lucy in the film belongs to a fictional species that is considered a mutant.

Government agencies tormented and viciously treated Lucy. She felt compelled to assault the foe by using her might. She murdered the security officers who were pursuing her as she fled by icily spreading her arms and legs. However, she was hurt just before she was able to escape. Her new personality, Nyu, is a result of this tragedy. While Lucy is aggressive and bloodthirsty, Nyu is a kind youngster. The change between the two occurs quickly, and individuals who anticipate Nyu to have a juvenile mentality may be persuaded by Lucy’s cruelty as soon as she changes.

Final Thoughts

The Yandere girls show us that sometimes the most heartless people can be the most dangerous and that at our core are all people whose emotions overwhelm kind hearts.


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