The best 5 Strongest Character in Dragon Ball all the time

The best 5 Strongest Character in Dragon Ball all the time

The Gods of Destruction are the deities responsible for destroying worlds and species in the Dragon Ball universe. They also take pleasure in playing video games that endanger their universe. Supreme Kais is the God who creates and gives the planet life. Naturally, this elevates the God of Destruction to the category of the most potent entities to have ever been.

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Only characters that are alive and part of the main chronology are included in this article’s list of the strongest characters. Gods with enormous might like Zeno won’t be rated because they don’t engage in war, hence they won’t be included in the list. In the end, the ranking that the article gives here will only be based on that is the strongest character in Dragon Ball level.

1. Zeno

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Zeno

Zeno is the strongest of all the gods of the 12 universes, he has a very cheerful personality and loves to play. But terrible things will happen if you make him angry. Whis recounts that a long time ago when he was disturbed while sleeping, he destroyed 6/18 universes, resulting in 12 universes now. In short, he is the one who stands above all beings in the universe.

Zeno has a rather childish personality but is extremely serious at work. Of the 12 universes, Zeno is the only god who has the power to erase everything that exists in the universe. He didn’t need combat skills like warriors because, with just one thought, he could erase everything.

2. Grand Minister

The Grand Priests' Secret Agenda? | DragonBallZ Amino

The Grand Minister is the strongest of all the Angels, and of course, the Grand Minister is stronger than the God of Destruction that the Angels serve. When it comes to the Grand Minister, he not only serves one god, but he also serves the most powerful of them all in Zeno – making the Grand Minister the second-in-command for a being that can end all life with a thought.

The Grand Minister is also the father of half of the Angels – taking the Grand Minister to an even higher level than many of the powerful Angels that Dragon Ball fans have seen consume an enormous amount of power. Whis, who appeared to be overwhelmed, said that his power was only a fraction of the power that the Grand Minister wielded.

3. Vados

RIP Vados - YouTube

Fans of Dragon Ball know that Angels have tremendous strength, and Whis is quite powerful. The debate centers on who is more powerful between Whis and her sister Vados, who thinks Whis is the more powerful of the two. Vados has had the same amount of time to develop his strength as Whis, who claims that he has been gaining control on his own for years.

Vados possesses the ability to both create and destroy. She can move quickly and change the passage of time and space.

4. Whis

DBS: How Strong Is Whis (Is He Dragon Ball's Strongest Character?)

The Angel designated to the God of Destruction Beerus is named Whis. Whis trains himself to Beerus. This strengthens Whis beyond the God of Destruction he was given, as mentioned in the Dragon Ball universe. Fans have had the opportunity to learn that Whis is also the strongest Angel beside her sister Vados and the quickest in the cosmos.

Whis demonstrated his superior strength to the God of Destruction by defeating Beerus with a single strike while simultaneously holding Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Goku. Whis is so powerful that she can easily raise two of the universe’s best fighters in her arms, demonstrating just how powerful this Angel is.

5. Jiren

Why Is Dragon Ball Super's Jiren So Strong?

Jiren took part in the Tournament of Power as an honored fighter from the Proud Army of Universe 11. Jiren is unique in that he was frail as a youngster and didn’t become strong till he was an adult. After that, Jiren put in a lot of training and overtook the Top to become the greatest fighter in the whole Universe 11.

Jiren is claimed to be a contender to become the God of Destruction in Universe 11 in the manga and anime, placing Jiren on the level with those beings. This helps us comprehend how strong Jiren is in comparison to the God of Destruction. It is stated that Jiren will be able to increase his strength much farther than he has already. 

Final Thoughts

Above is a list of the five strongest characters in Dragon Ball that you should know. If you are new to this Dragon Ball series, don’t worry because the characters will lead you into their world. Each character has a unique personality and identification points, and you will recognize them directly. Hopefully, this article will help you find a favorite character on this list. Happy reading!


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