Top 5 Best Bleach Captains That You Should Know

Top 5 Best Bleach Captains That You Should Know

The Shinigami have always been an essential component of Bleach. More than 2000 years before the major events of Bleach, Genryuusai Yamamoto Shigekuni formed the Shinigami army known as Gotei 13. 13 captains at the top of 13 different divisions, each with their responsibilities and traits, make up Gotei 13.

The purpose of the Captains in the Bleach Universe is to protect the mysterious Soul Society. Along with the wayward souls, the Captains also have no duty to protect the members of society. Captains have come and gone through this series but we don’t notice the excellence that has brought them to such a commendable position. Here, we’ve analyzed the only captains the show has to offer and suggested a list for you to consider. Today we take a look at the Bleach captains who made this historical series.

1. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

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The Gotei 13’s commanding captain is Genrysai Yamamoto.

Yamamoto is one of the greatest captains and swordsmen in the guild, earning him a great deal of respect. He is a senior member and owns a very strong Reiryoku. Along with his Hakuda combat technique, he is a master of Kido spells and Shunpo speed.

2. Shunsui Kyoraku

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Shunsui was designated as the new commander-in-chief of the Gotei 13 as soon as General Yamamoto passed away. No one in Gotei 13 questions Shunsui Kyoraku’s power or credentials, although he is consistently presented throughout the novel as a sluggish, peace-loving middle-aged guy.

Despite Shunsui’s few appearances in Bleach, we can tell from his limited appearances that he is an expert swordsman, in addition to Kido or Shunpo, which Shunsui also mastered. Shunsui defeated Coyote Starrk, the strongest Espada, without using Bankai.

3. Kenpachi Zaraki

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Currently, Kenpachi is leading the 11th team of Gotei 13. He wears an eyepatch to modify his powers as a challenge and does not fully utilize them because he is considered to be the most vicious captain and has a propensity to like fighting. Kenpachi, a skilled warrior with potent psychic abilities, created the captain’s armband out of pure force of will, cunning, and might.

4. Retsu Unohana

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Unohana was a vicious criminal in the Soul Society before becoming one of the Gotei 13’s 13 commanders. The Kenpachi title, which is awarded to the strongest Shinigami, was originally attained by Unohana. Onohana is still a very capable Captain of the Gotei 13, although Zaraki has rightfully assumed the title of Kenpachi.

Kenpachi Zaraki is Retsu Onohana’s most important legacy. In the last chapter of Bleach, which details the struggle with Quincy that lasted a thousand years, Onohana taught Zaraki how to use a sword and assisted Zaraki in freeing Bankai.

5. Joshiro Ukitake

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Joshiro Ukitake, captain of Team 13, is a close buddy who went to school with Kyraku Shunsui’s mentor. Ukitake and Shunsui are the two oldest and most powerful captains in Gotei 13 if Yamamoto is excluded.

One thing only—this long-haired white man looks frail because he has TB. Ukitake’s ailment would come back if he struggled for too long or became very enthusiastic. He had to delegate the majority of the captain’s responsibilities to his subordinates because he needed a lot of rest as a result.

Final Thoughts

These are the senior leaders of Bleach that helped make the series famous and appreciated. Each leader will have a different personality, you will learn a lot from them. Please let know which leader you like.


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