List Of Dragon Ball in Order

List Of Dragon Ball in Order

For many people, like myself, the introduction to anime was Dragon Ball. We have watched the characters mature and change from little children watching television to near adulthood. Because of this, even if it isn’t flawless, Dragon Ball is incredibly nostalgic and is adored by practically everyone.

Dragon Ball has grown to be one of the most watched animated programs of all time as a result of its appeal. Dragon Ball has been regularly producing new material for close to thirty years, with a sizable number of sequels, spin-offs, and redesigned episodes. To make it easier for you to follow, we have listed for you a list of Dragon Ball in order. Let’s find out together!

1. Dragon Ball (1986 – 1989)

Dragon Ball (TV Series 1986-1989) - Backdrops — The Movie Database (TMDB)

An old man living alone in the jungle discovered a baby named Goku who had a monkey’s tail and was thought to be his grandson. On his way back from fishing, Goku once bumped across Bulma, and the two of them set out to find the seven dragon balls. A secret found in the seven dragon balls enables whoever holds them to call out a dragon and grant desires.

They encounter several monsters, renowned gladiators, and companions along the way in their arduous search for the Dragon Balls. To compete in the yearly international martial arts congress, they endure challenges and master unique martial arts techniques. Goku and his companions must contend with terrible opponents such as King Pilaf, the Red Riding Hood Army of the One-Eyed General, the Great Demon King Piccolo, and his offspring in addition to the happenings of the martial arts convention.

2. Dragon Ball Z (1989 – 1996)

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The plot of the film Dragon Ball Z starts with Goku’s older brother Rai visiting Earth to learn why he hasn’t completed his predetermined task of destroying the world. Before Radich, the guy from planet Saiya arrived and started destroying everything and killing a lot of people, life on earth was calm and incredibly beautiful. Goku also understands the truth about his past from this point. Before then, Goku and Piccolo worked together to extinguish the Saiya name, but regrettably, Goku too perished along with that Saiya name. Piccolo gave Gohan martial arts instruction in light of this. While waiting for his comrades to retrieve the Dragon Ball and revive him so that he can continue to defend mankind, Goku is actively training with the God of the Universe.

3. Dragon Ball GT (1996 – 1997)

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Dragon Ball GT premiered on Fuji TV on February 2, 1996, and continued until November 19, 1997. Unlike the first two seasons, Dragon Ball GT is not based on the Dragon Ball manga and has 64 episodes. In Dragon Ball GT, Goku is turned into a child by King Pilap and embarks on a journey to find the Dragon Ball across the universe to return to his original form.

4. Dragon Ball Kai (2009 – 2011)

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The beginning of the movie 7 Dragon Ball Kai is a story about the events that five years have passed since Goku’s victory over Piccolo at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, to settle down in his life he Married to Chi-Chi and now has a son named Gohan. Goku and Gohan are heading for a reunion with Goku’s friends at Master Roshi’s Island. A strange-looking spaceship crashes on Earth somewhere else.

A guy in combat armor unexpectedly emerged from the spacecraft at that same time and flew out in quest of a potent lifeform, which he discovered using an eye device. A stranger almost kills Piccolo, but as the guy turns away in pursuit of a more potent life form, the situation is reversed. Goku, another potent life form, delivers Roshi, Krillin, and Bulma his son to the Kame House. Everyone is shocked when the stranger appears because he has a tail that resembles a monkey, exactly like Goku once did.

5. Dragon Ball Super (2015 – 2018)

Dragon Ball Super: 10 Differences Between The Japanese & US Versions

Son Goku’s defeat of the Red Ribbon army is the subject of Dragon Ball Super: SUPERHERO. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are two new Android warriors that their replacements have produced. “Superheroes” is how these two Androids refer to themselves. They start by attacking Piccolo and Gohan. What aims does this new Red Ribbon Army have? The moment has come for real superheroes to awaken in the face of impending threat!

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, a renowned manga artist who served as the project’s original idea, screenplay, and character designer, made a passionate commitment to the movie.


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