The 5 Ranking Most Immature Elite Characters

The 5 Ranking Most Immature Elite Characters

We’ve all seen them. The kids in school were always acting out and getting into trouble. The ones that teachers dreaded having to deal with because they were always causing disruptions in class. Well, the same thing can be said for some of the characters in Elite: Dangerous. These are the 5 rankings most immature elite characters.

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Number one is the infamous pirate, Raxxla

Raxxla is known for being a lawless place where anything goes. It’s a haven for pirates, criminals, and all kinds of unsavory characters. If you’re looking for trouble, you’ll find it on Raxxla.

Number two is the black market station of Scirroco

This is the place to go if you’re looking to buy or sell illegal goods. The prices are high and the clientele is shady, but that’s all part of the appeal.

Number three is the mining colony of Arianrhod

It’s a rough and tumbles place where the miners are always looking for a fight. They’re not afraid to break the law or bend the rules to get what they want.

Number four is the research station of Kador Prime

This is a place where anything and everything is being researched. No matter how dangerous or illegal it may be, if someone is willing to pay the price, the scientists at Kador Prime will do the research.

Number five is the pirate base of Maia A-61

This is a place that is so lawless and chaotic that even the pirates are afraid to go there. It’s a place where only the strongest and most ruthless survive.


If you wish to live a peaceful and tranquil life, stay away from these five locations in Elite: Dangerous. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something from it. Please feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback in the box below. Thank you for taking the time to read what I’ve written.


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