Manhwa – The initial information you should know

Manhwa – The initial information you should know

There are various reading platforms for readers to discover in the digital comics market, including Webtoon, Manga, and Manhua. These platforms, it can be mentioned, draw a large number of readers every day. Aside from those three comics, there is another genre known as Manhwa that is quite popular nowadays. Each of these comic sites has its style and represents a distinct culture. However, not everyone is aware of these comic platforms. Let’s take a look at what Manhwa is and why it appeals to so many people today.

Manhwa is a word that refers to Korean manga series in general. Manhwa is primarily influenced by Japanese Manga. However, when Webtoon – a digital Korean comic genre – grew in popularity, Manhwa began to evolve. Manhwa, like Korean films, frequently has more dramatic and romantic aspects. The emotional circuit in the tale, in particular, is modified rationally and seamlessly. Readers also compare Manhwa where the main character is reborn because the details in the story are highly humane.

In the past few years, Manhwa authors have focused on exploiting the idea of ​​Boy Love (BL) with many outstanding works such as Killing Stalking. In addition, you can read the manga with the most hits like What do you take me for, Who made me a princess, What I decided to die for, What do I do now. This series is mainly of the slice of life genre. Let’s read and experience their life stories with the main characters.

Sometimes finding the website that offers the series you are following is not easy. Some sites will charge a fee because the cost of producing online comics is quite expensive. It is for this reason that some piracy websites are created to attract fans. However, readers do not know the danger that these unorthodox websites will affect them like this. When they click on those links on the web, they will lose their personal information, sometimes even scam. So be a smart reader by reading stories on official sites to support the authors. 

So Where do I read Manhwa? To answer this question, I will provide you with a few reputable and highly reliable websites:

  1. Webtoon: is a very hot Korean copyright reading website, where you can read thousands of interesting comics in English in all kinds of genres such as romance, horror, space travel, and fantasy.
  2. MangaToon: owns a huge collection of stories with a variety of genres. Mangatoon also pays great attention to promoting its readers to participate in their creations and participate in quarterly contests to find the best works.
  3. Comico: Comico is an attractive comic website and also has an extremely convenient phone app. Comico gives readers the color of the land of metal.
  4. Wattpad: is a place to exchange, read stories, write stories, and share ebooks in general and stories in particular of the online reading community. 
  5. Naver: is a webcomic platform where users have free access to many webtoons created by professional artists. They can also pay publishers to view manga and novels online.

What makes Manhwa stories unique, and what to bear in mind when reading Manhwa. Manhwa, in contrast to other manga genres, is read from left to right and from top to bottom because Hangul characters are typically written horizontally. Manhwa is a market leader in the digital comics sector. Manhwa’s first comic books were How to fight, What does the fox say, and How to get my husband on my side. Readers should read on a trustworthy platform since it is the only way to support the author.

Manhwa comics are so well known to many readers, and will they make drama adaptations of Manhwa or not? The answer is yes, but very rarely. In contrast, anime adaptations of Manhwa have become popular in recent times. Titles are Full House (2004) and The Great Catsby (2007), both considered the best films of that year. In the film adaptation, there are many famous actors, and thanks to that, the promotion of Manhwa becomes more attractive.

The article helped you find the answer to the question What is a Manhwa? Where to read manhwa? and the side information about Manhwa. Hopefully, this information will help you somewhat better understand Manhwa and this digital comic platform.


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