1-Shot Anime Debuts on May 2: Anti-Hero Generations

1-Shot Anime Debuts on May 2: Anti-Hero Generations

The Anime adapts the New Generation YouTube Manga Award-winning story of the same name by creator Kentaro Fukuda. The Anime is based on the popular manga of the same name which has been running since 2015 and has over 80 million views. The

The Anti-Hero by Venner, Martin Book The Cheap Fast Free Post New Book  9781800312630 | eBayThe anime will premiere on May 2, 2020. This narrative revolves around a group of young individuals who have the ability to transform the world. The “Anti-Hero Generations” are what they’re called. These teenagers are capable of manipulating time and space. They utilize their abilities to battle evil. Studio Deen is in charge of the animation. Shigeyasu Yamauchi directed the anime.

The Anti-Hero Generations are a group of youngsters with the extraordinary ability to control time and space who battle against evil in order to save the world. This exciting new anime debuts on May 02, 2020! Don’t miss it!

It tells the story of high school student Taishi Nichi, who aspires to be a hero. However, when he tries to save a girl from a monster, he only manages to get her killed. This event sets him on a dark path as he then tries to become the world’s strongest villain. Anti-Hero Generations is produced by studio LIDENFILMS (Tokyo Ghoul √A). Kentaro Fukuda is both the director and writer of the Anime.

The Anime has been described as “a story about how even someone like a villain can become a hero.” It is an interesting premise that is sure to get Anime fans talking. With such an intriguing plot, Anti-Hero Generations is definitely one Anime to keep an eye on.


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