Black Clover Manga Goes on Hiatus for Around 3 Months: What Will Happen Next?

Black Clover Manga Goes on Hiatus for Around 3 Months: What Will Happen Next?

Black Clover manga is set to go on hiatus for around 3 months. This was announced by the series’ author, Yūki Tabata, in a tweet earlier this week. What does this mean for the popular shōnen manga? And what will happen when it returns? Let’s take a closer look at this news and what it could mean for Black Clover fans!

The hiatus announcement came as a surprise to many fans, as the manga has been consistently releasing new chapters every week without fail. However, it’s not uncommon for manga authors to take a break from time to time, especially when they need to catch up on their work. In fact, this isn’t even the first time Tabata has taken a hiatus from Black Clover – he did so back in 2016 for around two months.

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So what can we expect from Black Clover during its three-month break? For starters, it’s likely that the manga will go on sale during this period. This is common practice for manga series that are taking a break, as it allows publishers to continue making money off of the series while also giving readers a chance to catch up on the story. Additionally, it’s possible that we’ll see a special chapter or two released during this time, similar to what was done during the 2016 hiatus.

As for what will happen when Black Clover returns from its break, that’s anyone’s guess. However, given that the series is currently in the middle of a major arc, it’s likely that we’ll see things pick up right where they left off. This means we can expect more action-packed chapters full of twists and turns!

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